10 Best Biggest Derbies and Rivalries in the World of Football!

We take a look at some of the most fierce football rivalries from around the world. There was plenty to pick from and it wasn’t easy.

Boca Juniors vs River Plate

This can be summed up simply as rich (River) vs poor (Boca). The rivalry runs deep into veins of Buenos Aires. The division has no end and tension never lets up. This is a matter of life or death for many hardcore fans. The Boca ultras are called the 12th man. Brawls and violence are never far. As a spectacle this is a entertaining as they come. The fans from both teams demonstrate the power of banners, colours and chanting. Encapsulating what it really means to be the 12th man. If you’re lucky enough, this is a must for any football fan who is brave enough. This is what it means to support a team from Buenos Aires.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

It gets pointed out that this match geographically is not a derby. However the rivalry is intense enough to give the impression that they’re from the same city. Perhaps they fight to be the best club in the world or in Spain. It goes way back to the days of Franco when he ruled Spain. His team was of course Real Madrid.

This surely has to be the most watched game on the planet. Asides from the major finals. Easily the most viewed club game the world over, with the worlds best players. In recent times it has been Ronaldo vs Messi. This has seen both shine to produce some of their best football in their respective shirts.

Celtic vs Rangers

The Celtic vs Rangers rivalry like no other and it really does divide Glasgow. A religious and tribal difference is what separates  the two clubs. This holy war of football goes back to the 1900s and even saw fatality. These two at peak were challenging the likes of Real Madrid. The documentary below is must watch for any football fan.

Nacional vs Penarol

This is one of the oldest rivalries in football full stop. Even to this day it is hard comprehend. Many see the battle at locals vs immigrants. This is a national derby unlike any that the world has seen.

Lazio vs Roma

Where do we start? This is the battle of Rome. Far right hardcore fans has meant this is one of the most hostile football matches in the world. Fan power rules in Italy and has a great influence both on and off the terraces. For both sets of fans this a life choice. Check out this great documentary below to get a sense of what it all really means.

Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray

Another rich (Galatsaray) vs poor (Fenerbahce) battle. These giants of Turkish football emulate other great rivalries between rich and poor from one city, that city being Istanbul. These fans some of the worlds most loyal and dedicated.

Liverpool vs Manchester United

They may not be from the same city but only 34 miles separates the two clubs. These two red clubs have been battling at top for well over half a century. Tension and hate is never far when it comes to match day. There have been many classics played out over the years. Plenty of red cards, classics goals, careers made and careers ended. Liverpool and Manchester United are the most decorated clubs in the UK which makes the rivalry relevant. To maintain the mantle of best British/English club.

Gremio vs Internacional

Gremio and Internacional is a battle for Southern Brazil. In Gaucho country those are your only choices. Some of Brazil’s great have come through the ranks. A certain Ronaldinho used to strut his stuff here before making it big. Expect the usual red cards and the inevitable fight. You won’t be disappointed!

Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke

Yes this is one of Europe’s big rivalries and oen of Germany’s most anticipated  clashes. These two teams hate each other. The battle of Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen goes back to the days of miners from Schalke kicking off with the brewers of Dortmund. The rest is history and nobody ever looked back. A heavy police presence is always necessary.

Al Ahly vs Zamalek

Possibly the biggest derby in African football. Just listen to the commentary to hear what it means to them. The match is a highlight in the Egyptian football calendar. Let’s just say that Cairo is at standstill when Al Ahly and Zamalek clash.

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