Banter Bus: The best of Wenger Out! Funny memes, videos and more!

Where to begin! Wenger Out has become a phenomenon on the internet and media world. The campaign has been a highlight and key entertaining factor for a vast number of football fans.

It’s all started with a hardcore group of Arsenal fans who’d had enough of the same old in recent times. And it all spread with the help of Arsenal Fan TV and the rant videos which have become a must watch (especially when Arsenal lose). We’ll be sharing our favourites, don’t you worry. Let’s briefly dissect why Arsenal have become a bunch of ‘HAM ROLLS’!

Every season Arsenal fans get vexed at the beginning of the season. Generally this is the lowest point of their season as they peak in the later half. However this season has been different. We’ve seen a series of horrible and embarrassing defeats spread over the course of the year. Why has this become a big thing? There are number of reasons.

Two man team!

As much as they don’t want to admit it, they’re a two man team. Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. Will they stay or will they go? Nobody know!

‘Almost’ players!

The rest are ‘almost’ players who never really peaked. Or they left and won medals elsewhere.

No leaders or fight

There is no leadership and fight in the team. The old invincible Arsenal is long gone. Relying on two players like Manchester United just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The way they’ve lost

The defeats have been extremely embarrassing. Defeats to Munich in the Champions League and Crystal Palace in the Premier League stand out as the lowest points.

Stubbornness of Arsene Wenger

Like no other saga in football, has the question are you leaving or staying been dragged out so long. There has been general ambiguity and a sense of nobody knows what the hell is going on at Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger power struggle

After 20 years of doing what you want, you need to realise it’s over! When will the denial fade? Your guess is as good as ours.

The board

The board seem to be happy with business KPI’s rather than actual success of winning trophies. A top 4 finish and FA cup seem to keep them happy. It’s a change is on cards? The interest of the fans vs a bunch of men who only want profit above all. That’s just a fact lads! No one should be surprised.

Arsenal TV

Robbie from Arsenal TV has created a great platform which gives regular fans who go to the games, a chance to express their opinions. Just as valid if not more than the pony pundits on television. If you agree with them or not is different matter entirely. Some people love it, some people hate it. Either Arsenal Fan TV is here to stay. It definitely gets seen by a lot of people. Including the players.



Wenger Out has literally split Arsenal football club. It’s 50/50 now. Fans have been fighting on the terraces and on social media. Unity hasn’t been a strong point this season for Arsenal fans as frustrations have boiled over. Can they unite and shun the negative attention they’ve bought upon themselves? Only the start of next season will tell.

Ticket prices

The highest ticket prices in the league. With all the corporate money coming in these days, it actually doesn’t make sense to have ticket prices so high. Arsenal have balanced the accounts, so are the prices so high?

Lack of atmosphere

You pay the highest prices to experience and be part of a silent stadium. Only singing when you’re winning eh? Considering the size of the stadium, you’d expect to hear some noise at least.

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