Enhanced Odds

FootballBets.tips Enhanced Odds and Special Offers

Over the course of many years, we’ve worked tirelessly with as many bookmakers as possible to provide to you the latest and best-enhanced odds available!

The beauty of enhanced odds is that they are forever changing dependant on which sport or event is currently going on, so essentially you’ll always have an enhanced odds offer to take up! This is great for us as we can take even more profit from the bookies!

What are Enhanced Odds offers?

When we are talking about enhanced odds offers this essentially is an offer with an increase in odds and thus pay out. It is for specific matches and outcomes and prices which usually wouldn’t be seen. This is often carried out by bookmakers to keep customers using them.

You’ll find examples such as an increase in odds for a team to win or a player to score a goal. There are literally numerous ways bookmakers can offer enhanced odds offers but rest assured you can be certain to find the best ones here!

What Bookmakers offer Enhanced Odds?

You will find that literally every bookmaker you come across will have some form of enhanced offer available at any given time. The problem is that there are so many bookmakers out there and finding the ones you can trust can be a nightmare. However, due to our years of experience and also by testing the big and small bookmakers, we have compiled a list of bookies we trust and you will only find offers we know will hold true to their word!

When you have a look through our enhanced odds offers you’ll find them in a range of sports but the most common are football related, which we also have tips for, so you’re always going to have an advantage over the bookmakers. You’ll also come to notice that many bookies are now enhancing accumulators too, but in general, those won’t win you money in the long run!

When will enhanced offers be available?

As you continue to visit our site and become accustomed to the enhanced odds offers you’ll notice a very simple pattern. All enhanced odds offers become available from a few days prior to the event in question. In some circumstances you’ll find that the last few hours will have the best-enhanced offers going so you always need to be ready and on the lookout. We will always post the most recent offers so all you need to do is come here and check the offers out!

Who are the Best Bookmakers for Enhanced odds?

Here you’ll find a list of our most popular and most used enhanced odds bookies. In this list, you’ll find the bookies we trust the most with our money and the ones which deliver the best new customer enhanced odds as well as existing customer enhanced odds.

We have taken many years to develop this list and if we feel any of these bookies deserves to be taken off the list then we do without any hesitation. We are always on the lookout for new and better-enhanced odds bookies so be sure to continue to check this list as you may find it changes every so often!

Additional Promotions and Sign up Offers:

On top of all the enhanced odds offers we have available on the site we also have promotions and sign up offers available to you! You don’t want to miss out on these free bets! You usually receive these when your newly signing up to a bookie and in all honesty, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of the free cash you can bet with. All bookmakers have different offers but we’ve broken it down to the best ones which you can find here.

Where to find Enhanced Odds?

As well as finding a huge selection of enhanced odds on this page you can also have a browse through our match previews where there will be specialised enhanced odds for that particular game. This is certainly worth taking advantage of as our previews will outline which offers have the most likelihood of coming in!

You will also notice that new customer enhanced odds and existing customer enhanced odds are shown on our website and match previews allowing you to use what’s best for you. As always we advise being a member of all the major bookies to be able to utilise the offers most effectively!