Five of the Funniest Football Fan Videos

The internet truly is a wonderful place where anyone can post a video online and it can be absolute gold! Football fans are a passionate bunch and this, mixed with some alcohol and a poor performance from their team are all the ingredients you need to make a viral video.

So in no particular order here are some of the funniest football fan videos you will find anywhere online.

1. Andy Tate, Biggest Fool In Manchester – Full Time Devils

Of course Andy Tate is here. He will never not be on this list. As passionate football fans goes Andy Tate is up there with the best of them. Loves his team and wears his heart on his sleeve and when David Moyes was in charge he was one of the few to get in front of the cameras and say what every United fan was thinking and he produced this bit of magic.

2. “They’re All Rent Boys Mate” Redmen TV

Liverpool had just beaten Man City and their 19th League title was well and truly in their sights. They had the strongest strike force in the league, they had all the momentum and they had their boyhood legend Steven Gerrard leading the charge. It was all coming together nicely and what made it even better is that their last hardest game on paper was against a Chelsea said who came to Anfield with a second-string team after European exploits. What could possibly go wrong? Well.. Everything really.

As the story goes Gerrard slipped to let Demba Ba in and score, Chelsea parked the bus and hit Liverpool on the counter at the end of the match to win 2-0. What followed is quite the foul-mouthed response from one Liverpool fan in particular.


3. Ivanovic and Fabregas can **** Off! – 100 Percent Chelsea

A mediocre season isn’t exactly new for Chelsea but it has been a while since it’s happened and probably the first under the Roman era. It’s been a bit of a weird season and Chelsea playing the way they have has probably been the biggest surprise. Who would have thought David Moyes’ title defence would be topped like this?

Chelsea had just suffered a 3-1 home defeat to Southampton as their season was going from bad to worse. This one Chelsea fan came on to analyse what he had just seen in a very sombre downbeat mood and credit to him for keeping his composure when a Southampton fan came on to gloat. All that went out the window mind you as soon as he heard the name of Branislav Ivanovic.

4. Claude & Ty after the 3-2 loss to Stoke – Arsenal Fan TV

You thought we were going to leave Arsenal Fan TV off our list? Of course we wasn’t! Arsenal fan TV is probably the most followed fan channel by other fans because when a result doesn’t go Arsenal’s way you get absolute gold. We won’t say much we’ll just let you sit back and watch Claude and Ty in action.

5. Troopz, Our Title Hopes Are Dead – Arsenal Fan TV

It wouldn’t be the internet if Arsenal didn’t come out on top with two of the best fan videos now would it? Troopz has been one of the more vocal members on Arsenal Fan TV and to be quite honest, most, if not all of his videos follow the same pattern of aggressively being Wenger Out while seemingly having an inner battle of which word to say more, blood or fam. We could have honestly picked any of his videos and we encourage you to watch them if you haven’t but we picked out this gem after Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat at Manchester City.


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