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Welcome to the home of the best free bets you'll find! We have been working tirelessly around the clock to ensure you're always up to date with the best free bets available! We have done most of the hard work for you, trying and testing the latest free bets to ensure each punter knows exactly what they're getting into. Check out each free bet we've listed here and you'll find detailed reviews of every single one. Football Bets & Tips have been using these free bet offers and we know all the best offers to use, and from which bookmakers to take them from. We always ensure our money and your money is going to a safe betting site.


What is a free bet?

Firstly you may just see the word free and instantly be hooked onto whatever it is when it comes to betting but what in fact is a free bet? Well while the exact term is open to debate you can essentially say it is an offer or promotion which allows the customer to receive a free bet of a given value from the bookmaker.

However, there are many different types of free bets and offers available and finding the best ones that are right for you can be a challenge. We’ve all been caught out by Free Bet terms and conditions at some point, but we’re here to ensure that never happens to our readers again.

What are the different types of free bets?

As mentioned above there are many types of free bets so to speak available to you. Here we will be running down the most common and widely used free bets offered by the bookmakers. If there is any type of bet we have missed out it is because we see them as lacking both the good and the bad, they are just plain boring. We make sure to highlight the best free bets, and help you avoid the worst free bets out there! If you stick with our judgement you will always end up with some extra cash in your pocket, assuming you can win a bet on the minimum odds required by the free bet!

New Customer Free bet: This is the most common free bet promotion you will come across. It is essentially a matched deposit bonus on most occasions. So for example with Bet365 they will match your deposit up to £200. So if you deposit £200 you will get an additional £200 in free bets, meaning you’ll have a total bank of £400 off a £200 deposit! Not bad right? These are only available to new customers so before you sign up to any new bookmaker please check here to see if there are any offers available upoj sign up!

Betting Promotion Free bet: This is usually targeted more at existing customers. You will find bookmakers will offer free bets in play for specific matches if you bet a certain amount pre-match on the same game. For example, if you bet £50 pre-match on the Chelsea vs Man United game you’ll receive £50 in free bets to use during the game live in play. This is a nice way to make some profit which we can show you how!
Sadly, these are often of a lesser value than that of a new customer offer. So, feel free to jump onto a new bookmaker to get the most out of your free bet offer. We have many bookmaker offers here, so you can open many accounts to maximise your free bet experience!

Are Free Bets Good Value?

That’s a broad question, but the underlying consensus is that yes, free bets are good value. They are almost free cash. These days, a free bet can only have a one time play through in order for a bookmaker to call it a free bet. If a welcome offer of betting offer has a long rollover, it is a bonus. You can find yourself in early profits if you use free begs wisely. We suggest you use a free bet like it is real cash, but use it slightly more aggressively as this will provide greater returns, for no risk as it isn’t your cash.

Which Betting Sites Offer Free Bets?

Most bookmakers and online betting sites now offer free bets as part of their standard new customer offer. Free bets have even made their way into existing customer promotions to try and stop you from changing bookie. However, many bookmakers have started to back away from offering big free bets because tipster sites like ours have been helping punters bash the bookies too heavily! So, some bookmakers have moved back to bonuses with rollover only, and others have kept their free bets but often remove them for big events like Cheltenham festival and the World Cup final.

You’all find all the free bets you’ll ever need posted at If you get bored of your current bookie or need a better deal, just come here and get today’s best free bet offers.

Which Are The Best Free Bet Offers In The UK?

To get the best free bet for you, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Some punter just want as much credit as they can get, others look for good value with little play through requirements. Over the last few years free bets have gone crazy and you can now get offers ranging from bet £10 get £30 to bet £10 get £60!

Bookmakers have really tightened their game and now often provide free bets with a one time play through! This means you can withdraw cash after betting a free bet once. One important point is that with free bets, the free bet stake cannot be withdrawn as cash, just the profit from the free bet will become cash.

The free bets we show on our website are the best free bet promotions we have found. Those listed in the top 5, provide great quality betting opportunities to fully bash the bookies. The rest is up to you, we have reviewed each free bet we show, so you can get a full understanding of what’s involved. Many free bets are limited to certain sports and minimum odds and others allow you to bet on anything.

What’s the Difference Between a Free Bet and a Bonus?

lets be clear here, a Free bet is different to a bonus promotion and this is recognised by the U.K. Gambling Commission, as well as the Advertising Standards Authority.

A free bet is defined as a credit given by a bookmaker which allows a punter to bet without risking their own capital or money. Here, you will always be able to withdraw your profit as cash, but you cannot ever withdraw the free bet stake as cash. This can be very profitable, we suggest you go for longer odds when using some of your free bets, as you have no money at risk, you will lose nothing if you lose the bet.

Sportsbook betting bonuses are different, these offers often come with high rollover requirements so you have to win 3 to 6 times in a row in Oder to withdraw the bonus as cash. There is often a minimum odds requirement so this naturally becomes very difficult. Lastly, these offers are often only available to use once you’ve lost all of your cash balance. We suggest to only use these if you are looking to practice your betting skills as there is little cash incentive.

Why use our Free Bet Advice?

As soon as the online betting market began to boom, bookmakers have always been on the lookout for ways to retain their customers and to keep them betting using their site. Additionally, like every industry, bookies want to steal punters from other betting sites. So because of this, they have always offered incentives to join and bet with them. once the betting market moved online, we soon found ourselves dealing with free bet offers in their earliest form. Initially, these had a lot of conditions that were difficult to discover. Since professional punters like ourselves have started to complain about unfair conditions, the bookies have come out with some very decent free bet offers and betting promotions.

Over the years we have become skilled in identifying worthwhile betting offers and we want to share our information with you. We want you to beat the bookies, so long as you do it on their terms! If go against their terms, you’ll be booted out unfortunately! Luckily, we know how to keep them on their toes. 

We are committed to finding the best offers as we use them too. So if you see it on this page you know you can trust its security. We only look with bookmakers we trust and offers where we think will yield the most profit, so you’re in safe hands with us! However, if we see something which is just appalling, we will make a special blog post to ensure you don’t get fooled!

So now you know exactly what free bets are and how you can use them we suggest you look through all the offers available below to find the best ones that work for you and begin your journey into betting profits!