HOW TO: Invest in Ethereum With a Trustworthy Broker

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about Bitcoin, and some of you will have heard about Ethereum, you younger, smarter, more capable brother of Bitcoin.
Back in July 2017, I made one of the best decisions in life yet and bought Ethereum at Plus500. See the screenshot below which shows a profit of £2843.9 made in 1 week.
Ethereum has turned blokes living in slum conditions, into millionaires in less than 2 years, it is a real buzzword around the internet right now and this is one way you can make a profit from Ethereum if you play your cards right. the market is volatile, but you can see clear patterns in Ethereum always bouncing back after a price drop! I have made my small profit of £2843.9 by watching the market and waiting for a drop in price, after a day or so, I have bought and sat on it for a few days until I’m happy with the profit made.


3 Reasons to buy Ethereum

  1. It has way more applications than Bitcoin, meaning it can be used for many things throughout this world, meaning it’s very desirable and new uses are being realised every day, which in turn helps the price of Ethereum increase, and for those who have bought, this means profit.
  2. Ethereum is backed by hundreds of fortune500 companies, with banks and governments also weighing in to make sure they are not left behind, the power of Ethereum scares the living hell out of traditional financial institutions, so they are forced to get involved.
  3. Ethereum is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies and this is why it’s well loved and continues to impress with demand for the asset, however, there is a limited number of Ether coins that will be distrobuted, meaning the market will be capped off, if demand is high and suppl is limited, it is likely the price of the asset will increase



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