Top 7: Premier League Goal of the Season 2016-2017

Goal of the season is never easy to decide. The Premier League really does produce some of the best goals. We’ll let you guys argue over who should be the goal of the season. We’ll just leave you with the nominees.

Emre Can (Watford vs Liverpool)

This is probably our strongest contender for goal of the season. The way the ball is curving into him. The angel of the run. The run and the positioning to be able to hit the ball without looking at the goal. Don’t have the words to describe the tenacity it takes to even contemplate such a goal. Nothing ham roll about this goal. The audacity.

Eden Hazard (Chelsea vs Arsenal)

Talk about mugging off your opponents when they’re down. Eden Hazard did exactly that. Arsenal were at the start of what would be the end of their season. Hazard fully exploited the lack of muscle power and fight that have become to be associated with. He runs the entire Arsenal half shrugging of feeble challenges and leaving Laurent Koscielny feeling dizzy. Schoolboy defending against one of the world’s best-attacking players.

Andy Carroll (West Ham vs Crystal Palace)

This is up there as a real contender for goal of the season. Andy Carroll pulling one out of the bag. Surely this is the best goal he’s ever scored. The audacity to take this from that height. The ball comes into him as it swerves away. Then BOOM! The Like a bullet, right in the top right-hand corner. The power generated from Carroll left the keeper no chance. It was an important win for the Hammers against South London rivals Crystal Palace.

Olivier Giroud (Arsenal vs Crystal Palace)

Another cracker against Crystal Palace. How the hell Giroud is still at Arsenal is beyond us. Either way, he scored a masterful flick. Did he mean it or was it luck? It’s definitely an important factor in deciding whether it’s worthy of goal of the season. He’s not usually known for his outlandish strikes now is he?

Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Manchester United vs Sunderland)

Another outrageous flick. This time from Mkhitaryan who really came into his own after a poor start to the season. Once again, did he mean this flick? I think his face says it all really.

Jordan Henderson (Chelsea vs Liverpool)

This was an early contender as Liverpool set the pace in the first half of the season. Great against the top 6 but poor against the weaker teams. A real shame they could’ve competed with Chelsea for the title. Oh yeah with Spurs. Henderson hasn’t done too bad as captain considering the retirement of Steven Gerrard. What better way to lead the team by setting the example yourself. Pinpoint accuracy against Chelsea at home.

Paul Pogba (Manchester United vs Swansea)

Now, now! We all expected better from the world’s most expensive player. At he made it onto the shortlist for goal of the season at least. Let’s what next season holds for this young talent. He needs to perform. Manchester United’s reputation is on the line. His pal Zlatan will mostly not be there. Nice volley Paul. Look at that slice and backspin.

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