What Is Win from Behind Betting?

Win from Behind BettingComebacks are about the most exciting thing in football if it’s your team that’s pulling one off. They are also amongst the worst things that you can see in the game if your side falls victim to one. Sometimes such comebacks can be incredibly dramatic, such as when Liverpool came from 3-0 down against AC Milan in Istanbul in 2005 to win the Champions League in what became known as ‘The Miracle of Istanbul’.

More often than not, though, they are far less noteworthy. Either way, a comeback is the sort of thing that you can place a bet on, if you fancy a side to go behind but still pull off a victory when the full-time whistle is blown.

What You’re Betting On

To Win from Behind Betting Example

Whilst some bets do seem relatively self-explanatory, it is always worth pointing out what we’re talking about betting on with any given wager. In this instance, we’re referencing those matches when one team goes behind to the other but is then able to score enough goals to still win the match. Imagine you’re betting on Chelsea versus Manchester United in the Premier League, for example. If you bet on Chelsea To Win From Behind, you’re imagining that United will score at least one goal but that Chelsea will end up scoring more than them before the 90-minutes plus stoppage time of the game has run its course.

It obviously doesn’t matter how many goals ahead Manchester United get in the game, just that Chelsea score more than them by the time the referee blows the full-time whistle. United could go 1-0 up and Chelsea win 2-1, or they could go 4-0 up and Chelsea win 5-4, with the key factors being that United take the lead at some point during the match and Chelsea still find a way to win. In fact, Chelsea could go 1-0 up, but your bet will still be a winner if United score two and make it 2-1, as long as the London club score the requisite number of goals in order to earn the three points or qualification to the next round, depending on the competition.

It’s a 90-Minute Bet

We mentioned Liverpool in Istanbul in the introduction, which was a match in which the Merseyside team was 3-0 down by half-time. They scored three goals in six minutes in the second-half to draw the game 3-3, which was an incredibly impressive comeback, but actually would have been a losing bet if you’d wagered on Liverpool To Win From Behind. That is because To Win From Behind bets are wagers that are settled in the 90 minutes plus stoppage time of the normal game. In the Champions League knockout stages, extra-time and penalties followed a 90 minute+ period in which no team had the lead.

If you’re looking at betting on a cup game, therefore, then you need to be confident that the team that you’re betting on will be able to win a match despite being in a losing position at some point in the normal game period. If they come from behind and the game goes to extra-time, during which your chosen team wins, the bet may still be a losing one if the actual 90 minutes of the match finished as a draw. Of course, if it’s a two-legged tie then you might win your To Win From Behind wager even though the game has gone to extra-time because the win might have made the scores level on aggregate but the team won on the day.

Have a Look at Previous Matches

There are some teams that almost seem to specialise in winning from behind, such is the extent to which the manager has been able to instil a desire to never give up within the players. To stick with Liverpool, for example, their manager between 2015 and 2024, J├╝rgen Klopp, once referred to them as ‘mentality monsters’, such was the extent to which they never gave up. By the time that they had played 29 games of the 2023-2024 season, for example, the Merseyside club had come from behind to win seven times in the Premier League. That was 21 points that they had claimed, having been losing at one point in the game.

That is the sort of information that you can use to consider whether or not a To Win From Behind bet is a sensible one to place on a team. Statistics will show you whether a team is likely to fold and crumble when they’ve conceded or whether there is a chance that they will still be able to find a way to win. Similarly, you can look at the opposition and see how often they tend to rally when they face adversity. If there is a side that crumbles against one that digs deep and finds a way to win, it might be worth considering a wager on the To Win From Behind market; albeit it you would need the ‘crumble’ side to take the lead at some point.