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Our seasoned punters and journalists have been making margin on the bookies for years, with experience working for the bookies themselves. Our top tipster previously worked as a Risk Analyst for one of the biggest bookmakers in the world. He’s offering daily free betting tips to help all our readers make the most out of every bet they place through our twitter tips and via our football betting prediction tools. Whether you’re looking for the latest news or if you’re obsessed with getting the most competitive odds, we’ll make sure you get the best value though our football betting tips and accumulator tips.

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Today’s Best Football Betting Tips

There are many tipsters out there who’ll provide poorly researched football tips and tell you they’re the best betting tips that you’ll find online. In reality, these tipsters are no more than average punters with their hands glued to twitter and no real betting strategy.

Our task is to provide our readers with the most comprehensive and detailed match previews of all the major football games, whether it’s an English Premier League game or a vital World Cup Qualifier on the other side of the globe. Our football betting tips are focused on providing the highest quality tips and hope to change your football betting track record for the good.

FootballBets.Tips have the help of some extremely knowledgeable football tipsters who’ve made a living working in bookmaker headquarters, in the shops, and as professional tipsters. They’re backed with many citations and appearances in popular betting journals, including The Racing Post and within some of the UK’s biggest newspapers. Our tipsters live & breathe football, and what they don’t know about the sport, they soon find out through vast networks of contacts within the sports and betting industry. Each of our writers who are supplying you with totally free football betting tips have years of experience in providing profitable football predictions on a daily basis, with the help and guidance of our tipsters. Whether it’s a Monday morning or a Sunday afternoon, they are busy at work, doing their very best to produce free betting tips that will win you more and more money, through a strategy that focuses on long run margin, by getting the best value odds, at the right time, on markets that are statistically likely to win. Minimising the bookie’s advantage over you, the punter.

We don’t guarantee a win on every bet, but we promise to maximise your margin over time. We are the New Home of Consistent, Free Football Betting Tips.

The Home of Free Football Betting Tips

Our writers and tipsters don’t concern their posts with passion driven football tips, they produce their betting tips by using their own knowledge and the help of advanced analytics tools to ensure all their tips have great value when weighed against the odds given by each bookmaker. This helps produce a positive Return on Investment (ROI) in the long run. Thanks to the success of their football betting tips, we can occasionally offer punters special prizes and other giveaways.

We would love to say our tipsters have access to secret information as many other football betting sites say, but that simply isn’t true. The success of our football tips comes down to professional experience, mathematical strength, market & industry knowledge and a knack for football betting analysis. All of this ensures that their free betting tips all have a very good chance of increasing the size of that all-important bank account of yours. Keep following our betting tips and you’ll soon realise the power of our tips.

Our biggest challenge is to conquer the age-old trickery of accumulator tips. We break down each accumulator tip to the basics.

Our tips have gone through algorithms which look at obvious data such as the general win rate of each team, right down to the win rate per day, time, line-up, weather, time between last match and much more. We go into the detail so you don’t have to.

Our free football betting tips can help you get those big surprising wins and long term profits we all desire. Football Bets and Tips doesn’t take shortcuts.

Achieve Long Term Success with Our Football Betting Predictions

Short-term success isn’t what we are looking for as a football betting tipster. We want our betting tips to provide you with a long-term strategic and positive betting balance. Let us explain in more detail just how our free football tips are going to help you achieve one success after another.

If you look around the web it won’t take you long before you find plenty of betting sites and tipsters who claim they have plenty to boast about.  Oh, and unlike FootballBets.Tips where we give you free football betting tips, they don’t think twice about charging their readers to get these apparently lucrative betting tips that you can’t even see until you have paid a fee.

However, you don’t have to be a genius to tip a 1/3 winner, do you?  Just see the short odds and reckon if they’re that price, then surely, they are going to win; as we said earlier these betting tipsters are just dressed up punters. They may provide their readers with some winning tips but in the long run, those kind of risky tips aren’t going to produce huge profits if any at all. One failing big bet on a heavily favoured odds can wipe out all those days of profitable betting and more.

  • Say you place a £10 bet on a selection at odds of 1/3. If that proves to be a winner your return is £13.33, a profit of £3.33. Not quite time to hold a celebratory party since you’ve risked £10!
  • At such restricted odds, you would need the next two 1/3 tips to come in, simply to double your original stake and after six successful £10 bets on 1/3 selections, you’ll only have tripled that original tenner and the bookmaker will have likely slipped a lot of margin into each bet. The true odds were probably 1/4 or smaller and you got that bet at 1/3, three times.
  • We all know that not all odds-on selections go on to be winners. If the second 1/3 shot was to be a loser you’d suddenly find yourself having made a loss of £6.67 (£20 staked but only £3.33 in that account of yours). You will then need two more successful 1/3 selections to be winners simply to break even.

Follow the Strategies of our Betting Tips

Let’s take a look at the FootballBets.Tips strategies and our self-developed statistical analysis tools. Our expert analysis of the markets comes into play when we decide on our betting tips. There are no hidden strategies or secrets to winning. It comes down to finding a few to get the best value. We have one way of doing just that.

It’s not the business of this site to just look through the global fixture list and come up with a list of heavily odds-on selections. Honestly, anyone can do that and say how great their football tips are, we have such a strong following because of the dedication that comes from our tipsters and writers, our free tips have value, and that’s all a punter needs. We all know that there is no such thing as a cert in betting so that’s a route we are most definitely not going to be travelling down when making our football predictions. We offer you a clear indication of the likelihood, we show the current odds and we identify the value. our writers back up our predictions with the news which is relevant to each match.

We find the likelihood of events through a statistical analysis method called Poisson Distribution. We have an algorithm that updates daily to show betting probabilities from analysing hundreds of variables such as previous results, wins and losses associated with each player named in the squad, weather, day & time, period of time between last game, formation success against other formations and many more variable scenarios.

The creation of our algorithm has been led by one of our founders, who has previously worked as a risk analyst, betting trader and as a quantitative trading research manager.

Quality Weekend Betting Tips

When you log onto FootballBets.Tips you can be guaranteed that the free football tips you read are quality reliable. We put our money where our mouth is by backing our own football tips. That way it’s in our best interest that the football predictions we make have a great chance of winning and giving the bookies a bashing and we all love it when that happens.

Every week you will be able to find daily match previews of the top games taking place around the world. Our free betting tips include weekly coverage of the English Premier League and English Championship. You’ll have access to detailed previews that look at the upcoming games from all possible angles. Our valuable information streams ensure that our experienced tipsters provide our readers with the very best betting tips and football predictions.

In Play Betting Tips & Live Betting

Betting in football has changed so much in recent years. It’s no longer just about win-draw-lose as it has been in the past. Now there are many games where over a 100 different markets are made available to customers with In Play football betting available almost 24 hours a day, 24/7, across the globe. Betting tipsters can now cover a whole range of bets and even specialise in particular markets or live betting selections. Other specialities include goal scorers, handicap bets, winning margins, scorecasts or whether or not a penalty will be given and scored during the game.

Our expert tipsters carry out their in-depth analysis of games and look to capitalise on popular markets where there is value. We’ll even tell you when there isn’t value and if it’s just worth a miss. If it’s a football prediction we feel is value and totally justified in being placed, then we will let you know and another big win could be just around the corner. All a bit better than just sticking a huge amount on a heavily odds-on shot, isn’t it?

Best Football Accumulator Tips

One of our most popular requests is to provide football accumulator tips for as many acca’s as we can. Accumulator betting is a tough nut to crack, but we do our best to give you a clear indication of where to find value.

Our followers play on the idea of turning £1 into £50, or £10 into £450 or more! We quite often help that idea become a reality, as we provide some of the best football accumulator tips available online. Our acca’s cover, Win-Draw-Win, Both Teams to Score, Over/under, and occasionally other markets when we find value.
We offer accumulator betting tips on most UK & international football leagues and competitions, including:

  • Premier League
  • Football League Championship
  • Football League One
  • Football League Two
  • Scottish Premiership
  • UEFA Champions League
  • English FA Cup
  • Europa League
  • FIFA World Cup

…and many more

Find Value in Our Football Betting Tips

So, the days of simply looking for the heavily odds-on shot and hoping for a quick profit are long gone. Think long-term and go for quality, free football tips which show potential with margin. Then you can look forward to making some great profits in the months and years to come and remember we give you free football betting tips, so don’t forget to share the occasional post on social, or tell a mate, as that’s all we ask.

Please do check out our latest match preview posts and begin your journey into long term profits. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the ride!

Happy and safe betting,
FootballBets.Tips Team.